How and Why to Texture Your Injection Molded Parts

Texture and surface finish plays a crucial part in the overall perception and quality of injection molded parts. The decision on what type of texture to be used, as well as when to texture requires close communication between product designer and molder. Surface texture can also provide functional purposes, aiding handling and other performance aspects […]

Manufacturing Efficient Electronic Heat Sinks

Heat sinks are crucial components in electronic devices, allowing for proper heat transfer and dissipation during operation. They are mostly made from aluminum alloys, copper, bronze or brass, and can be made into multiple design shapes to support its efficiency. Factors like thermal conductivity, weight and price all come into the considerations for making heat […]

How to Choose the Right Gate Locations for Your Injection Molding Designs

Gates are one of the most important components in an injection molding process. As the name implies, they basically facilitate the entry of molten plastic from sprues and runner channels into the mold cavity. The placement, type and application can affect the cycle time, surface finish and overall cost of an injection molding process. There […]

How to Clean Your CNC Machined Parts

The advanced operations involved in CNC machining means that your finished part will host all kinds of debris. From iron filings to oil, lubricant, coolants, chips, abrasives and even dust, machined parts must undergo different type of cleaning and finishing services to deliver the luster and cosmetic quality desired. Cleaning of CNC parts is a […]

3D Printing Applications in Dentistry

3D printing has had a remarkable effect in the medical industry over the last decade. From prototyping to finished products, additive manufacturing has influenced several aspects of medicine. With the aid of a 3D printing, surgeons and orthopedic doctors can print tissues, bones, support devices and other bio-compatible solutions.  In today’s article, we look at […]

4 Industrial Benefits of Powder Coating in Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication

Electrostatic powder coating is already one of the most popular finishing solutions in modern engineering works. This process, also known as sintering, holds an array of advantages of its close counterpart, painting. Over the years, stainless steel sheet metal fabrication has gradually embraced the advantages of electrostatic powder coating. While the process itself, remains arduous […]

Is Urethane Casting the best way of low volume manufacturing?

What is Urethane Casting? Urethane is a kind of resin that is used to manufacture several plastic items. The process of urethane casting is versatile and efficient. This process is usually used to produce short-run and low-volume products like props, prototype parts, bespoke models, etc. Urethane Casting is done by pouring the urethane resin into […]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Sheet metal fabrication is one of the specialized services offered in-house at Firstpart. Sheet metal fabrication involves processing techniques like bending, forming, pressing, CNC, and laser cutting to process thin sheets of metal into fully functional parts.  Sheet metal processes are coveted for their precision and ability to conjure parts with complex geometries from plain […]

How Outsourcing Your Manufacturing Operations Can Improve Your Bottom Line

As the global economy continues to rebound, several companies are looking at cost-effective solutions to augment and diversify their supply chains. Today, 3D printing is one of the most deployed solutions for small scale prototyping and idea validation. Unlike other processes like plastic injection molding, CNC machining, and Sheet metal fabrication suited for high volume […]