Quality Control and Inspection

Developing products and prototypes with high quality design and parts requires a specialized, stringent and refined quality control process. At FirstPart, we have developed a highly effective inspection and quality control technique that helps to appraise all incoming raw materials and finished products. 
Our quality control process combines expertise and experience with advanced equipment for measuring and reviewing client specifications against produced samples before final runs. 

FirstPart inspection and quality review follows a systematic process: 
i.    First, we ensure that the design meets manufacturing standard
ii.    Next, we inspect the raw materials to ensure they conform to specifications and grade
iii.    Next, we produce prototypes and review to a control 
iv.    The process thus continues with work-in-progress review at different points 
v.    Finally, we perform final product inspection with testing reports, certifications and review of packaging 

Our In-house inspection equipment and Standards
•    Altimeter 
•    Olympus Innov-X Delta DS-2000 XRF handheld analyzer and workstation
•    Coordinate measuring machines 
•    Surface roughness tester
•    Video measuring machine
•    (HRC) Hardness Tester

Physical Quality Control 
Our physical quality control is setup to ensure consistency with project in terms of length, width, size, surface smoothness and general geometry especially the tight tolerance 

Material Quality Control 
Assurance checks to ensure that supplied materials are of the right grade, strength, elasticity 

Visual Quality Control 
Advanced testing techniques to ascertain visual conformity, appearance and colour standards . We also check for other properties such as reflection, absorption when dealing with parts that are designed for specific end uses. FirstPart will inspect paint and finishes to guarantee cosmetic consistency all through your part. 

Coordinate Quality Control
Perfect curves, shapes and complex geometry after reviewing with our coordinate measuring machines. Our Coordinate quality control system affords for very low tolerance to ensure that the machined parts are standard and fitting. 

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FirstPart quality control service is engrained in every part of our manufacturing and fabrication process to ensure that we deliver only the best results across a wide range of services.