Is Urethane Casting the best way of low volume manufacturing?

What is Urethane Casting?

Urethane is a kind of resin that is used to manufacture several plastic items. The process of urethane casting is versatile and efficient. This process is usually used to produce short-run and low-volume products like props, prototype parts, bespoke models, etc.

Urethane Casting is done by pouring the urethane resin into molds of the master part or design provided by the customers to produce an accurate replica of the master design.

What is low volume manufacturing?

Low volume manufacturing is the process of producing high-quality products with the help of machines and computerized software but in a small quantity that normally goes up to 100,000 pieces.

This kind of manufacturing service is usually availed when firms need to enter a market urgently or need some parts and products for short-term application or maybe for the prototyping procedure. Some examples of low-volume manufacturing are CBC Machining, Urethane Casting, and Pressure Die Casting.

Urethane casting as the best way for low volume production:

Urethane casting involves the manufacturing of plastic pieces through the process of casting urethane a resin used to make strong and rigid plastic parts. This process is similar to molding, but more cost-efficient, which is one of the reasons why it’s best for low-volume manufacturing.

Besides this, urethane casting has a lot of advantages for low-volume manufacturing, for example, the parts produced using this process are as strong as the injection molding technique, and so it fits well for low volume manufacturing as you’re getting as good quality as using injection molding or any other method.

Furthermore, this method also provides you with design flexibility. This means you can modify your designs if the need arises without worrying about a huge loss.

Moreover, anyone who’s going for low volume manufacturing probably wants to get the parts or desired product manufactured at a faster rate, and so urethane casting becomes the best way to get the parts made as it takes lesser time than the process of injection molding.

Plus, because of the introduction of soft tooling in urethane casting, it has become more cost-effective and efficient for the production of various consumer and medical products.

Advantages of Urethane Casting:

• Strong and durable approach to low volume manufacturing 

• Flexibility of size

• Variety of materials 

• Cost efficient method

• Fast production as compare to injection molding 

• Ease of repeatability and scalability

Disadvantages of Urethane Casting:

• Not economical for mass production

• Results in a poor surface finish which usually requires surface finish service

• There maybe some possible casting defects that could affect the parts

First Part Urethane Casting Service:

First Part is a reputed Chinese company that specializes in various production services such as CNC machining, injection molding, and urethane casting.  First Part has several expert engineers that are currently assisting a lot of people across the globe.

First Part provides affordable, reliable, and remarkable urethane casting services. Plus, they use high-quality materials in the manufacture of parts and products along with ensuring on-time delivery to their clients.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Will the quality of the products be assured?

A. Yes, First Part prioritizes high quality products and also integrates quality check procedure so that they can provide best quality to their clients.

Q. What is the best Urethane Casting service in China?

A. First Part is the best Urethane Casting service provider in China because it has affordable rates and high quality manufacturing equipment and experts which makes it the best in China.

Q. How to get cost estimate for Urethane Casting?

A. You can contact First Part via email or phone number and request a quote. Usually it takes 24 hours to acquire the quote but if there is a delay then First Part’s team will inform you about that.


Urethane Casting is one of the most versatile manufacturing processes that is best suited for low volume manufacturing as it is fast, reliable, durable, and gives you ample design modification flexibility along with being cost-effective.

In this article, we’ve talked about urethane casting, its advantages and disadvantages, and why it’s the best way of low-volume manufacturing. Along with this, the article introduces you to one of the best urethane casting service providers in China too.