Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Sheet metal fabrication is one of the specialized services offered in-house at Firstpart. Sheet metal fabrication involves processing techniques like bending, forming, pressing, CNC, and laser cutting to process thin sheets of metal into fully functional parts. 

Sheet metal processes are coveted for their precision and ability to conjure parts with complex geometries from plain metal sheets. The process is usually paired with computerized numerical control (CNC) to enhance accuracy and achieve tight tolerances. It is very efficient, cost-effective and very reliable. Depending on the project’s complexity, sheet metal operations may process your part into two or more different cycles and secure the final part via welding or hinging or through the use of fasteners. 

Achieving perfection in sheet metal fabrication involves managing a lot of parameters. Aside from the process control, factors like the machine grade, engineering capabilities, operator experience, and technical know-how are crucial to making parts that conform with customer specifications. Sheet metal fabrication does not make use of any hard tooling and is relatively low to medium risk. To further mitigate the risks that could arise in the manufacturing operations, it is highly recommended that you work with a professional company that can give you the best deal of sheet metal fabrication based on your project needs and budget. 

Sheet metal fabrication is used for a variety of operations across industries. Our sheet metal fabrication is especially popular in automotive, aerospace, medical and industrial manufacturing. Our high precision, accurate design translation, and cost-leadership make us one of the few choice solutions for sheet metal fabrication in China. Our professional team consists of engineering experts that understand the different aspects of sheet metal fabrication and what technique is best suited for the desired results. 

At Firstpart, our services are well suited to the demands of product prototyping and part manufacturing. Allow us to make your parts with different metals and finishes to choose. We have got you covered from material selection to finishing, features, undercuts, drafts, textures, and more. To move a step closer to your manufacturing goals, here’s a summary of frequently asked questions for sheet metal fabrication. 

• How much will my sheet metal fabrication cost?

The first thing that potential customers want to know is how expensive or affordable a sheet metal job could be. The simple fact is there aren’t any fixed prices. The cost of your sheet metal fabrication is very dependent on some factors. 

Some of these factors include the material to be used, the volume of material to be used, the need for or lack of tight tolerances, the design complexity, the fabrication technique, the type of desired finish, and the total number of parts be made. 

• Why should I use a professional company?

No amount is too little to lose. Working with a professional sheet metal fabrication company like ours is the first step to mitigate the many risks associated with manufacturing. 

The essence of enlisting a professional’s services is to obtain quality, explore avenues for cost savings and ensure timely delivery. As a professional sheet metal fabrication outfit with years of experience across a range of industries, Firstpart can deliver value to your project, helping you profit from the economics of scale. We also have other complementary manufacturing technology in-house, like CNC, that helps us deliver higher accuracy and precision to our customers. 

On a final note, professional companies always give the best type of quotes to execute your projects. Opting for an amateur outfit for cost-saving reasons can have a detrimental effect on the eventual quality of your part or prototype.

• What can your company make with sheet metal fabrication?

We process sheet metals into a catalog of finished products. Sheet metals are usually ideas for brackets, enclosures, frames, and other parts that require high strength to weight ratio, low weight, and more. 

• What industries do you serve?

We primarily serve clients from the automotive, aerospace, medical and dental, robotics, and industrial manufacturing sectors. 

• Why should I choose sheet metal fabrication?

Sheet metal fabrication is simply one of the solutions available at Firstpart for metal processing. We have other solutions like CNC machining, die casting, aluminum extrusion, and more. Sheet metal is one of our preferred solutions for making high precision parts with lightweight, high strength, and thin walls at cost-effective rates. It is ideal for low-volume production, rapid prototyping and typically subjective to an array of finishing options to enhance the cosmetic and functional properties. 

Sheet metal fabrication is also suitable for large parts and is capable of achieving parts with intricate geometries.

• Is your company certified for sheet metal operations?

Ensuring that you hire a certified sheet metal fabrication shop is crucial to the success of your project. Our company is compliant with several regulatory bodies, and we issue ISO and ASO certifications on all our projects. We have a list of qualified suppliers that source our raw materials and have a stringent quality control process that ensures uniformity and conformity of all manufactured parts to desired specifications and relevant standards.