Working Principle Of Aluminium Die Casting

Advantages of aluminium die casting
Complex parts are usually created by making different parts and welding them together, but casting can avoid this situation and enables you to create a part without welding and subsequent post-processing of the joint.

— Aluminium die castings have excellent surface finish and precision, which can greatly reduce the amount of processing
— Cast and polished surfaces can be used as a contrast to create a pleasing aesthetic effect.
— The complexity of the mold may range from a simple cavity to a complex tool steel mold, depending on the production batch and technical requirements.
— Castings have a uniaxial grain structure and there is no anisotropy in the structure, so they do not pose challenges related to anisotropy in different directions.
— The surface finish of die casting is usually in the range of 150 to 400 μin. The tolerance varies around 0.01 inch/inch. The minimum wall thickness to be achieved is approximately 0.100 inches.

There are two main forms of manufacturing die-cast aluminum products, low-pressure and high-pressure die-casting.
Low pressure die casting (LPDC)

The structure of the LPDC device is abnormal. The mold is suspended on the tank with molten metal. In the riser system, the pipe starts from the bottom fixed core and extends down to the middle of the tank. When the injection is started, pressure is applied to the molten metal tank so that the liquid rises along the pipe and fills the cavity between the molds. After the casting is cured, pressure will be disabled. In non-standpipe systems, there are no pipes, and the entire system is enclosed in a vacuum chamber. During the injection process, the cavity has a negative pressure, so the metal flows to the inside under vacuum. The second system eliminates various undesirable additives in the molten metal, but requires a stronger mold.

High pressure die casting (HPDC)
High pressure die casting is a process of quickly injecting molten aluminum into a water-cooled mold. The hydraulic plunger and shot blasting chamber ensure fast injection. Keep the pressure until it pops out. The grain structure of parts produced by high-pressure die casting is much smaller, which is essential for obtaining better tensile properties.

Aluminium die casting service
Regardless of the efficiency of the die casting process, it requires a lot of experience and proficiency, equipment, all of which require a lot of time and money to create. Aluminum die-casting Chinese companies are especially common, they provide the lowest price and excellent quality ofdie casting parts with the fastest turnaround time. Firstpart includes CNC machining, vacuum casting, die casting, and rapid injection molds to provide customers around the world with affordable and effective rapid prototyping and end-use parts.