Some Brief Introduces of 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping Services

CNC Machining

CNC Machining
CNC machining is a crucial 3d printing rapid prototyping services suitable for making high-grade prototypes from either metal or plastics without incurring huge costs. With CNC the machined parts will have smooth surface finishing and tight tolerance in comparison with other prototyping tools or methods.

CNC machining yields products to diverse quality with extreme precision and accuracy. Depending with your desired design there are a lot of CNC service that will meet your specifications and requirements ranging from turning, milling, Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) wire cutting, grinding, boring, lathing, blasting, finishing, polishing the list is endless we could go on and on.

With CNC machining there are a wide variety of materials that can be designed. For metals, there is brass, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, etc. while on the other hand plastics include PVS, PEEK, ABS, PC, PMMA, etc.

Vacuum casting 
Vacuum casting provides you with the opportunity of efficiently reproducing prototype designs. Its ideally suited for low quantities making the whole process fast, seamless and accurate. When compared to other reproducing methods vacuum casting saves a lot of time and money.

Through utilization of the prototypes, it creates silicone models which can produce a maximum of up to 50 identical copies. You can create your master model using CnC machining which will significantly reduce your overhead cost and leading time.

The prototype molds produced the vacuum cleaning process supports the production of machined parts using a wide range of polymers that can be easily combined enhancing its overall appearance and durability.

Die Casting Services
It’s an economical and fast manufacturing process that is mainly used to produce small quantities of metal parts. The master is produced by either CNC machining or stereolithographic. Afterward, its placed on a frame and liquid silicone cast is poured around it.

After completion of curing the master is cut out leaving a cavity proving an opportunity for polyurethanes to be cast under vacuum. Using die casting will save more than 40% of the overall cost and time during the whole process.

Types of metals mostly used in rapid prototyping services are Aluminum ADC12, A380 aluminum alloy and Zinc producing strong and versatile diecasts. Die casting provides the perfect solution for producing a duplicate metal cast of the highest quality and preciseness and can also resist harsh weather conditions.

Metal 3D Printing Rapid Prototyping Services
Metal 3D printing has truly revolutionized the rapid prototyping services that allow the production of unique and complex machined parts using CAD data. The 3D printing process is referred to as Direct Metal Laser Melting(DMLM) which uses a powerful laser in melting and fusing layered parts of powdered metals into a uniquare three-dimensional solid part.   

This service produces complex geometries, conformal cooling channels, strong and internal lattice structures features that cannot be produced using normal machining methods. Using 3D printing as opposed to traditional printing methods greatly reduces the material used and cost incurred during the whole process, proving great value for your money while also producing excellent results even for the most tasking and tedious projects.