About four weeks ago, the annual consumer electronics show (CES) marveled product engineers and consumers alike with a host of attention-arresting innovation on exhibition. The show, which is described by Forbes as a window into what our leisure and spare time will look like for the next 10 years paraded nearly 5000 exhibitors and over 1000 speakers. 

This edition of the CES 2020 featured an array of tech from bots to smartwatches, TVs, self-driving cars, chrome books, smartphones, AI, security system, body haptics, smart home gadgets and even handheld games. Brand leaders like Google, Mercedes Benz, Sony, Huawei, Samsung and Amazon all got to showcase what they’ve been cooking, including technologies available for purchase today and those that won’t be ready till the end of the decade. As Firstpart continues to be an enabler of innovation and a panacea for quality consumer product manufacturing, we take a lookback at the CES 2020 edition and round up some of the most interesting displays that piqued our interest. Enjoy! 

The Galaxy Chromebok
Winning our chromebook category is the superthin, ultralight chromebook from Samsung. The galaxy chromebook packs a 13-inch OLED display and a processing power of Intel’s 10th gen quad-core processor. Equipped with a fingerprint sensor, the galaxy chromebook may be a tad-bit pricy at $1k, but it dazzles in red and should deliver on performance fronts for all those looking to evade the everyday Windows and macOS. 

The HTC 1+ Concept One
While Samsung announced the works of a Note 10 lite and S10 lite that deliver just as much value as their flagships at a lesser price, it is the HTC OnePlus Concept One that steals the show in its beautiful leathery yellow skin. What is fascinating about this device is its ability to hide its cameras in the same technology used atop the Boeing 787 dreamliner jet and McLaren 720s car. Spec wise, we can expect the HTC1+ Concept One to deliver, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed for all the yumminess that users will enjoy from its electrochromic glass. 

Belkin Soundform Elite
Speakers are greatly evolving from audio-beaming devices to smart assistants. As was the case with the Amazon Echo dot, Belkin has developed the Soundform Elite to be a Google Assistant speaker with all-beaming capabilities, AI and even better, a 10W output wireless charging capability. With this device, you can have it all in one. 

Toyota Smartcity
Japanese automaker, Toyota announced plans to build a smart city that will serve as an incubation hub for testing and developing their other AI technologies, robots and self-driving automobiles. The smartcity, called Woven city, will be located in the foothills of the Mt. Fuji in Japan and serve the function of iterating automated bots to perform mundane tasks and household chores. 

AI enabled Refrigerators
LG and Samsung will deliver on a number of promises when they stock the market with AI-enabled refrigerators. These set of electronics are just like your regular refrigerator, only smarter and intelligent. Expect reports on food levels, milk, drinks, smart temperature regulation, automatic grocery selection, menus and much more based on your diet and shopping habits.

BHaptics is giving everyone a sense of touch and feel with an audio-to-haptic feature that allows up to 70 tactile points in their suit’s torso area. This is a great addition for VR and console gamers that can experience a more immersive gaming. From friendly hugs to bomb explosions and sword cuts, the BHaptics bodysuit is definitely a great addition to the gaming and VR scape 

Samsung Chefbot
Inarguably one of the most impressive displays at CES 2020, the Samsung Chef Bot is a pair of robotic arms that can make you salads on request. This is another innovation in Samsung’s smart home technology that allows you to sit back while the Chef bot runs through ingredients, gauge and mix them to make salads through AI and visual algorithms. This one is truly a taste from the future. 

Sony PS5 Logo
Its been a while since video gamers last had something to cheer about. So, when Sony went on stage to have a reveal of the wait for it… PS5 logo, there was a lot of disappointment in the audience. Asides the PS5 logo being almost identical to the PS4 logo, many video gamers were expecting to at least see concepts and models of the November console. Whatever the case maybe, we can expect the Sony PS5 to meet stiff competition from the Xbox The series X. Come November, the war of the consoles should be an exciting one to keep up with, although we can expect announcement concerning hardware and capabilities over the next couple of months. 

Samsung 8K Q950 TV
Samsung’s almost bezel-less 8K TV, the Q950, is a stunning display with extra-thin bezels that are almost unnoticeable as soon as the screens come on. This outstanding display from Samsung gives an insight into the possibilities of the future but is yet to solve the immediate challenges with 4K – content. Time till tell how much adoption 8k gets but for now, we can anticipate that most users will be staying put with their 4K TVs.

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