Introduction To The Die Casting Process Of Aluminium Die Casting

Rapid die casting is one of the basic processes of modern machinery manufacturing. Because the casting slab is close to forming, the purpose of no machining or small amount of machining is achieved, the cost is reduced, and the time is shortened to a certain extent.

Aluminium die casting is the process of injecting molten metal into a hollow casting mold made of a high-temperature resistant material, and then condensing to obtain a product of a desired shape. The result is a cast.
Classification of foundries.

Gravity casting
It refers to the process in which molten metal is injected into a mold under the gravity of the earth, also known as casting. Metal liquids are usually poured into the gate manually, and the product is obtained through the cavity filled with the weight of the metal liquid, venting, cooling and mold openings.

Gravity casting has the advantages of simple process, low mold cost, less internal pores, and heat treatment, but it has poor compaction and low strength, and is not suitable for the production of thin-walled parts. The surface finish is low, the production efficiency is low, and the cost is high.

A method for filling a die-casting mold cavity with liquid or semi-liquid metal under high pressure, and performing molding and curing under high pressure.

High pressure casting can quickly fill the mold, high production efficiency, good product density, high hardness, good surface finish, and can produce relatively thin parts with thick walls. Due to the filling of high-pressure air, there are many gases involved in the interior, and it is easy to form pores in the product, so heat treatment and subsequent over-processing cannot be performed.

CNC machining CNC machine tools
CNC machine tools are commonly known as “CNC machine tools”, which are automatic machine tools controlled by programs. The control system can process and logically control codes or other symbols according to the program specified by the instruction. The computer decodes and makes the machine execute the action. It will be a long-term.