Choosing And Using The Right Engraving Tools (CNC Machine For Sale)

Engraving may not be at the heart and soul of machining, but it surely is one of the most trusted ways to leave a mark of uniqueness, quality and beauty on any project. With advancement in CNC machining, one can get just about any material engraved with fine prints. 

There are many materials that can be engraved. Common materials include brass, steel, aluminum, bronze, acrylic and laminates. Each material usually requires a particular engraving bit to ensure that the details are finely conveyed to the surface of the part. The type of bit determines the speed, accuracy and resolution of your design.

The same can also be said of the engraving tool. Since engravers have to be sharp and precise, they are typically made up of high-speed steel or carbide. They also usually have a v-shaped groove with a flat, sharp or radial bottom.  Even when using CNC machining for engraving, it is very important to choose the right set of tools for your CNC router. Here are our top 10 tips to help you choose and use the right engraving tools.

1.Acrylic cutting processes 
For projects where you are going to employ acrylic cutting, your ideal option is a V-shape single blade acrylic cutter. This is because of its speed and efficiency combined with these engraving bits combined with the lack of smokiness or taste on your design 

2.Aluminum plate cutting 
Use a single-edged aluminum milling cutter when handling projects of aluminum plates. This category of engraving bit is ideal for this case because of the non-stick, efficiency and high speed that you will get in your process. 

For carving and making straight markings into plywood, you ought to use a high quality spiral cutting endmill. You may elect to go for an upcut or a downcut, depending on the diameter and nature of the project you’re working on. 

4.3D contours and carvings 
Contouring bits, also known as ballnose bits are excellent for making 3D engraves. From the ease of carving with the tip to its ability to deliver smooth and accurate contour with details, these contouring bits are your best bet with 3D. When working with complex 3D carvings, you should use a tapered ballnose bit as they help to reduce the appearance of unwanted tool marks on your surface.

Use V-bits for making detailed lettering or signage on your part. V-bits, also called V-carving, engraving or V-groove bits are available in numerous angles and sizes that allow you to get a sharp grooved bottom effect on the insides of the design you’re trying to put on your surface. 

6.Metals and boards
For metal engraving, elect to use metal flat bottom tips. Special wood cutting millers are ideal for solid wood and high-density board. Use straight slot cutters for work on multi-layered boards. 

7.Plastic? Hardwood? Plywood? Aluminum?
Pick the right engraving bit for the material you’re working with. Bits for plywood are suited for the sensitive nature of the wood while aluminum bits are designed to avoid excess melting. Bits for hardwood would leave a clean edge while plastic bits will reduce risk of melting when engraving.

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