Why 2020 Is The Year To Do More With Cast Aluminum

It’s 2020 and designers are using more aluminium than ever. 

With its numerous application potentials, cast aluminum is easily the metal of the future. 
From affordability and low-pricing, malleability and machinability, aluminium has earned recognition amongst designers, fabricators and manufacturers across diverse industries. 

Not only is the metal eco-friendly, lightweight and corrosion-resistant, but it excellent thermodynamic properties and conductivity makes it an excellent choice for a gigantic range of products in 2020. Here are 5 reasons why 2020 is the year to jump on Aluminium: 

Multi-Industry preference 
Aluminium is inarguably one of the most used metals in varied industry sectors. This is due to its all-round suitability for functional designs and parts. In the Aero industry, Aluminium is closely courted due to its lightweight. 

Today, over 75 percent of modern aircrafts parts and space vehicles are made with aluminium. The automotive and transportation industry is the second biggest user of aluminium-extruded parts. Aluminium parts are deployed in cars to improve performance and enhance fuel efficiency. Its lightweight also relives engines of weight and aids in the delivery of more speed. 

Aluminium also serves the building industry by allowing tor the extrusion of elaborate, aesthetic and complex designs while consumer markets have employed aluminium for everything from sport to fitness, air conditioning, electronics and even cooking equipment. 
Other sectors where aluminium has and will continue to see widespread usage this year include electronics, solar and lighting industries. 

Aluminium can be recycled and used over and over again without any loss of quality. This characteristic makes it very suitable for architectural projects. 
Aluminium is also eco-friendly, and its adoption in any project contributes to the LEED’s certification. At a time where businesses and customers are increasingly becoming environmentally aware, aluminium’s recyclability will be a key factor in 2020. 

Excellent physical and thermodynamic properties
Aluminium boasts of excellent physical and thermodynamic properties such as conductivity, strength, lightweight, corrosion-resistance, thermal conductivity, and temperature performance that makes it such an excellent fit for several purposes. 
Aluminium’s lower density makes it a better conductor of electricity than other metals like copper. It is also excellent for both hot and cold temperatures and boasts of resistance to rust and corrosion. While it may not be as strong as steel on its own, when treated by aging, cooling or heating, its strength can be optimized by combining it with metals such as copper, magnesium or zinc. 

Machinability and Malleability 
Aluminium is relatively simpler to work with when machining parts compared to other metals like stainless steel or steel. This is because the metal is slightly softer and easier to drill, cut, carve and machine. 
Aluminium’s malleability also means that it can be seamlessly rolled into foils, bent, stripped or shaped into parts with complex geometry. This feature is an excellent attribute that makes it suitable for a number of end uses.

Last of all, cost. 
While prices are not guaranteed stability based on demand and supply, aluminium is comparatively more affordable than other metals. 
The general cost of landing an aluminium supply from purchase to shipping is lower than most metals. Its cost of machining is also lower, thereby adding to the metal’s cost effectiveness 

In 2020, Designers and Manufacturers across various industries will be looking to deliver lightweight, speed and strength. Productions will also be obligated to keep to a percentage of eco-friendliness to reduce environmental pollution. 
Aluminium projects and designs also score higher in valuation and this could also be one of the reasons while designers will be looking to do more this year with the metal. 

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