Benefits Of Plastic Injection Molding

The benefits of injection molding for plastic parts are numerous. 
Injection molding is one of the most suitable process for producing versatile plastic components ideal for use across several different industries. Injection molding is also consistent, durable and affordable, creating high-quality plastic parts that will last for years to come. 

Today, we take a look at how injection molding can benefit manufacturers across qualitative and quantitative areas. Here are the top 8 benefits of employing injection molding for your plastic production: 

1.    Achieving Complex Geometry 
 Manufacturers can produce parts that have complex geometry and a high level of 
Detail when using injection molding.  Once the tooling is designed and the mold manufactured, single parts that can serve complex functions can be reproduced with ease at very low costs.

2.    Material options 
Today, there are many plastic resins that offer super strength alongside their lightweight. These high-strength thermoplastics can be used as alternatives to metal parts with virtually no difference in durability especially in aerospace and automotive industries.
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can choose from many engineering-grade materials to use in the injection molding process and produce highly durable plastic parts that can withstand just about any environment.
Injection molding can also accommodate the production of complex parts from different plastic materials. This allows engineers to leverage the properties of different plastic resins to create an ultimate part.  

3.    Efficiency 
Injection molding is one of the most efficient manufacturing techniques for creating plastic parts with very low tolerances. An experience design team will help you to optimize the design to ensure that there are minimal material waste, and combine multiple processes into a single step to increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process. 

4.    Precision and Accuracy
Injection molding can achieve design tolerances that would be otherwise impossible using other techniques. OEMs designing complex parts can produce designs with tolerances and accuracy within 0.001 inches +/-.

5.    Shorter product development cycles 
Injection molding can cut significant bottlenecks in the manufacturing product cycle by using mold flow analysis software. This software is essential to simulate project designs and run several virtual iterations of the process to help remove tedious steps and optimize manufacturing. 

6.    Cost Savings 
Injection molding has many cost-savings advantages. First, OEMs can achieve lower cost per part using techniques such as part consolidation and over-molding. Also, since injection molding is a great way to manufacture parts with complex geometries, plastic injection molding does away with the cost of assembly after post-machining. 

7.    Finishing
Injection molding opens the door to a wide array of finishes. Most of the parts will come out of the mold with whatever appearance agreed in the design with little need for extra finishing services. Choose from smooth to matte finishes or customize your part with engraving and texturing. 
Injection molding can also facilitate excellent colour control to make your produce appear exactly as desired immediately they leave the mold. Parts that have different colours in a single product can also be manufactured using two-shot injection molding. 

8.    Low Labour Costs 
Most injection molding processes are fully or semi-automated. The only human input is the mold technician and machine operator. This helps to keep labour cost considerably lower than conventional manufacturing and the cost savings is often passed on to the customer

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