All The Reasons Why China Is The Best Destination For CNC Machining And Product Manufacturing

All the Reasons Why China Is the Best Destination for CNC Machining and Product Manufacturing

CNC machining is undoubtedly one of the biggest businesses in the manufacturing industry today. Generally, the technology represents a more precise, often faster and more accurate way of delivering high-quality parts with complex geometries. 

CNC is used all over the world. Machinists exist all around Europe, USA, Japan, India, Germany and most especially, China. This article looks to emphasize the trend and factors that come to play for CNC machining in China and all the reasons why China is often the best destination for prototyping and mass production of your design. Let’s get started! 

Thanks to heavy investments from big players in both private and public sources, the Chinese market has seen significant growth in working capital and establishments of manufacturing outlets. As the Chinese Government continues to judiciously drive its “Made in China” initiative, many foreign investors see the country as the ideal destination to establish their capital and take advantage of the many favorable policies in the country. For designer and product engineers, the adequacy of investments mean more options for businesses. This makes the atmosphere generally more competitive with no single manufacturer able to cause illogical price climbs or fluctuations in the market.

Today, China alone is the manufacturing hub for over 90 percent of the world’s computers. Because of the volume of investments and ever-growing demand, bigger and bigger manufacturing hubs with increased capacities are being developed to meet up and ensure steady supply. What is means for those looking to mass produce several units of their prototype is that hundreds and thousands of design can be manufactured in a single batch and more assurance of quality consistency. 

From smartphones to electronics, automobiles and household items, China has a deep pool of expert engineers and machinists across a wide range of manufacturing categories. China is the largest manufacturer of automotive parts for several brands in their car manufacturing processes. China is also specialized in the production of spare parts, suspensions, axles and carburetor. 
Irrespective of the industry where your product plays, the city is well equipped with manufacturers across any category. With CNC machining, design iterations can be quickly tested, prototyped and machined for market entry.

Because of the concentration of many CNC machining hubs in china, the overall landing cost of any prototype or product design is relatively cheaper to other machining destinations in the world. The cost of production in china is also lower due to the population of the country and the availability of man power. 

The labor cost per hour in china is significantly cheaper than countries like USA or Europe and the purchasing power of a dollar in china is higher than in the USA. China is therefore the perfect location to consider when looking to set up a large scale production hub. A cheaper cost of production, for instance, is one of the reasons why American tech giant, Apple, conducts most of its manufacturing operations in China. 
Operations, Supply Chain and Logistics 

China is no short of supply chain excellence when it comes to sourcing for raw materials, quality control and supply chain. CNC machining is versatile, which means the material options are innumerable. When you run your production in china, you get to benefit from the availability of raw materials and the low cost of logistics in moving these materials to the production site. 
Similarly, because China is a popular destination, exporting several “made in China” products to other countries, the logistics and shipping is perfected and more affordable as many cargoes ply this route. 

FirstPart CNC Machining in China 
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