Top Benefits From Rapid Prototyping Services

Rapid prototyping services is a collective term that applies to different manufacturing processes capable of converting CAD models into product prototypes. Included in these prototyping services are urethane casting, stereolithography (SLA), CNC machining and in a new type of injection, molding using quick tools. All of these processes are producing parts in the likeness of […]

Fill, Pack & Hold – Injection Molding in 3 Steps

Optimizing quality is inarguably the main goal of any injection molding project. This is because part quality impacts a number of metrics that determine the success or failure of that part. Injection molding, in its delicate nature, comprises of 3 steps that can make or break the project. How quality and processing parameters are managed […]

The Importance of Quality Tooling Design on Injection Molded Parts

There is arguably no part more important than the mold tooling of an injection molding project. Not only could your mold tool be the most expensive part of your entire injection molding process, an undetected error in your mold tool will be replicated over the thousands of parts to be made from that tool. The […]

Top 6 Reasons Why CNC Machining Services is Preferred over Conventional Machining

Over the years, CNC machining services have slowly overtaken the conventional machining industry. It is like robots overtaking humans only less severe. We can see this coming, after all, CNC means Computer Numerical Control. When this technology was introduced, it is meant to minimize human effort and make the processes better and faster. However, it still shares […]

Should You Buy a 3D Printer or Use a 3rd Party Service?

3D Printing has greatly evolved over the last decade, metamorphosing into a technology that may now be considered a staple in any rapid prototyping outlet. Before now, 3D printing was extremely scarce, and where available, relatively costly. Now, desk-sized 3D printers are almost as common as LaserJet printers.  The widespread availability of 3D printing can […]

Simple Design Guides for 3D Prototyping with PLA

Design for manufacturing is the building block for every successful digital manufacturing project. While DFM for 3D printing is not as strenuous as injection molding or CNC machining, pairing the right material with the wrong techniques is a recipe for disaster. The following guidelines are relevant, and should be followed when designing for 3D printing […]

Introduction to CNC Thread Machining

Even with advancements in the industry, screws and threads still play a key part in fastening. The primary function of threads in any design is to facilitate the assembly of parts using two different mechanisms. Thread making requires skill, precision and consistency. Luckily, CNC boasts of a healthy appetite for fabricating complex parts. In today’s […]

Key Considerations for Heat Sink Designs

A heat sink is a crucial thermal component, serving heat exchange purposes in electronic assemblies. The concept of its performance is simple – transfer thermal energy from where its generated (electronic component) to several points within the assembly where the heat will dissipate. The heat transfer is achieved by one or the combination of conduction, […]

What Are CNC Machining Services And Its Benefits

Do you know what is CNC machining? If not then learn it here! It is a manufacturing process where pre-programmed computer application dictates the movement of industry tools as well as machinery. This process is used to control a wide range of multifaceted machinery, from lathes as well as grinder and routers. By the use […]