Top 6 Reasons Why CNC Machining Services is Preferred over Conventional Machining

Over the years, CNC machining services have slowly overtaken the conventional machining industry. It is like robots overtaking humans only less severe. We can see this coming, after all, CNC means Computer Numerical Control. When this technology was introduced, it is meant to minimize human effort and make the processes better and faster. However, it still shares its goal with conventional machining, and that is to produce quality parts and products.

The main difference between the two methods is on their approach because one option needs manual labor while the other one depends on 90% automation.

This recent shift of many companies to use CNC machining services over the traditional method is easy to understand. In many industries like the military, healthcare, and aerospace, they require high precision parts. Their tolerances can be as tight as +/- .0005. This is very hard to achieve using conventional machining.

This is not the only thing the CNC machining can offer, here are the reasons why CNC machining services are taking over conventional machining.

Lowered Labor Costs

In conditional machining, each 5 axis cnc machine requires a dedicated technician that has the skill, knowledge, and experience to operate them. CNC machining services, on the other hand, is mostly operated using a software program, which requires little human contact except during initial setup and feeding of data. It does not also need further training, which reduces labor cost further. In addition, when computers are playing a bigger role, the chance for human error and compromised safety in the workplace is reduced.

Large Quantity of Produced Parts

Because conventional machining needs manual effort, it is only applicable for low volume projects. With the maximum accuracy that CNC machining services can provide, it can produce a large number of machined parts.

Since they have high-quality components that can withstand wear and tear, they can work 24 hours a day. It only needs well-executed maintenance. In addition, the advanced software that CNC machines are using, it can be updated regularly for specifications. This allows for the manufacturing of highly complex parts. With its built-in cooling systems, there is also less chance of damages caused by heat.

Consistent Replication of Parts

With its high precision and non-stop production, CNC machining services can produce thousands of identical parts consistently and faster. This is impossible to achieve for conventional machining. You can program the CNC machines to apply the same cut and finishing a thousand times over without compromising its quality. You can get this is conventional machining because there will still be variations even when you are using the same material and technician.

No Prototypes Needed

You need prototypes to test the design. In conventional machining, you need to chalk out the prototype and test them before going into the machining process. This whole exercise takes weeks if not months. With the advent of CNC machines, you only have to input the design and have the sample part. There is no extra expense for the prototype; you will have a shorter production time and reduced labor cost.

Can Develop Complex Parts

With the embedded software, CNC machines can be updated or reprogrammed at any time to be able to produce multi-dimensional parts easily. You can easily shift from regular part production to parts that are more complicated easily if needed.

Can Work with Every Type of Material

The biggest advantage of CNC machining services over conventional machining is its ability to work on every type of material imaginable. It can work on steel, metal, foam, wood and even the most sensitive plastic. It can work on these materials with high precision too.

Because of the above reasons, CNC machining services has become the beneficial choice for manufacturers in various industries.