Choosing The Ideal CNC Machine Tools

CNC machine tools are the heart and soul of every machining operation. From tool size to geometry, length and speed, choosing the right CNC machine tool is consequential to machining engineering and precision manufacturing. CNC machine tools are also important for embedding functionality and machining to precision, attaining certain surface finishes, reducing heat dissipation, ensuring […]

Top Automobile Manufacturers Using 3D Printing Innovations

Across the world, 3D printing prototype is rapidly finding widespread applications and delivering value at breakneck speeds. Today, we look at the automotive industry and how 3D printing is “driving” significant changes. From its ability to deliver on complex structures, excellent strength to weight ratio, speed and cost-savings, here is how top automobile manufacturers are leveraging 3D […]

Heat Treatment Technology Characteristics Of Aluminum High Pressure Rapid Die Casting

Aluminum, a silver-white light metal, has good ductility. The content of aluminum in the earth’s crust is second only to oxygen and silicon. It is an important metal material in industrial production. Because of its low melting point and good ductility, it has become the most frequently used metal material in the die casting industry. […]

Introduction To The Die Casting Process Of Aluminium Die Casting

Rapid die casting is one of the basic processes of modern machinery manufacturing. Because the casting slab is close to forming, the purpose of no machining or small amount of machining is achieved, the cost is reduced, and the time is shortened to a certain extent. Aluminium die casting is the process of injecting molten metal […]


About four weeks ago, the annual consumer electronics show (CES) marveled product engineers and consumers alike with a host of attention-arresting innovation on exhibition. The show, which is described by Forbes as a window into what our leisure and spare time will look like for the next 10 years paraded nearly 5000 exhibitors and over […]

Why To Leverage Urethane Casting For Faster Product Development Cycles

Urethane casting remains one of the top solutions for driving faster productive development. As designs are difficult to finish without key testing and iterations, urethane casting offers many product developers a much-needed solution – the ability to prototype without incurring the hard tooling costs associated with injection molding.  Often, speed to the market is highly […]

Material-Specific Tooling

Material Specific Tooling in CNC Machining  The importance of selecting the right tool for a machining operation is already established. As a professional machinist, tool selection might pose a dilemma, especially when dealing with first-time projects or jobs that are relatively complex. Machining may be done with generic, custom or special-purpose tools. The latter, is where […]

The Best Uses For Your Flat Bottom Tools In Rapid Prototyping Process

The importance of proper tooling in every machining process cannot be overemphasized. Flat bottom tools present very useful options in rapid prototyping process for a wide array of situations, lending suitability and precision in ways that special-use tools may be unable to deliver.  Tools with flat bottom geometry can be used for straightening, drilling, counterboring […]

Thermoplastic And Injection Moulding Materials

Thermoplastics are plastic materials that melt under the application of heat. They are formed by the polymerization of monomer units of hydrocarbons and widely coveted for their reliability and diversity. Most plastic manufacturing processes today are possible because of the melting properties of thermoplastics. Thermoplastic materials may be strong, flexible, shrink-resistant, flame-retardant, highly elastic, rigid, […]