What are the Benefits of In-house Tooling?

For Injection molding operations, tooling is a big initial investment that must be perfected before molding operations commence. This is because the tooling is the framework for the thousands of parts that will result from the mold. A single defect in the mold tool will be replicated across all the parts produced from that tool. Even more, the impact of correcting a flawed tool can be heavy on both time and money. Because of this, equipment manufacturers and product designers must carefully choose who to work with, and explore strategies for mitigating risk. This is where in-house tooling comes to the fore. 

When looking to manufacture plastic parts, product development engineers and OEMs must determine whether to work with a single-source manufacturer or outsource to different service providers. At Firstpart, we have a one-stop-shop service that encompasses in-house tooling, enabling all your parts to be manufactured under one sole facility from start to finish. You may wonder, why is this important? Here are 5 key benefits of in-house tooling at Firstpart: 

1. Enter markets quicker 

When it comes to securing markets, speed is an uncompromising factor as to who gets what in market share. When you work with Firstpart’s in-house tooling team, we help you navigate the product development cycle faster. As your single-source manufacturer, our in-house tooling facilities will cut down on the communication gap and time expended in prototyping, logistics and delivery. Because your tooling is manufactured under the same roof where production will take place, our closely-knitted team of experts will implement and verify design modifications quickly and promptly, enabling you arrive at your final product quicker than expected. 

2. Keeping your ideas in-house 

Another benefit of in-house tooling is evaluated from the patent/non-disclosure angle. When your project designs and concepts are distributed across multiple suppliers or production partners, there is a higher chance of a leak of concept or ideas. With a single-source supplier and in-house tooling, Firstpart mitigates the risk of exposure by adhering to our non-disclosures and ethical policies. Should anything ever go wrong with in-house tooling, OEMs can know who to hold accountable. 

3. Cost benefits 

Avoid costly delays and errors that can arise from miscommunication, supply chain issues, logistic challenges and more through in-house tooling. Generally, the more vendors involved in a manufacturing process, the higher the potential for error. Partnering with a molder with in-house tooling capabilities checkmates the chances of error through streamlined communication. 

You will also save more money on project costs, part shipping and hidden charges that may be present in the charges of a wide array of vendors. 

4. Enhanced flexibility 

At a one-stop shop like Firstpart, there is a seamless flow of ideas and information across various units of the molding project team. This increases the flexibility and reach of OEMs regarding changes and implementation of modifications in design. In-house tooling cuts the need to coordinate across multiple vendors, consolidate time zone differences and manufacturing limitations that one or two suppliers or vendors may face. 

5. Consistency and uniformity 

In-house tooling and subsequent production increases the chances of maintain quality standards, repeatability and consistency in your parts. By using the same design-for-manufacturing guidelines across tooling and part production, and working with process engineers that are familiar with your project from the start, you will guarantee that our parts are made to specifications, and score an overall higher quality for all your injection molded project. 

6. On-site repairs and maintenance 

Different types of mold tooling require different types and frequency of maintenance. As the mold tooling is the most expensive and most important component of the injection molding process, working with a partner with in-house tooling can help you keep your molds at optimal conditions always. When your mold tool is on-site, you also save time, money and transportation efforts for quick repairs or maintenance. 

First Part Injection Molding Services in China

FirstPart offers high quality, thermoplastic injection molding service for all your plastic part projects in China. We also offer mold making and low-volume manufacturing that serve small quantities from 50 to 10000 parts and produce for mass production. Our engineers are always available to advice on the best processes, materials and design optimization to ensure cost-savings, quick turnaround and the production of parts that are 100 percent defect and issue free.