How to choose cast iron or cast aluminum

To choose either cast iron or cast aluminum, we should consider their advantages and disadvantages, and applications as well.

Advantages of Cast Iron:

Cast Iron:

Cast iron is a group of iron-carbon alloys containing more than 2% carbon atoms. It is beneficial due to its low melting temperature. It is manufactured from pig iron, which is the consequence of molten iron minerals in a blast furnace. It can be directly created from molten pig iron or re-melting pig iron.


Cast iron is black, dense, and slower to heat skillet. It has many advantages over cast aluminum for skillets, fryers, and pans.

They have long-lasting stability. If you go to the market, you will have to see a large collection of ancient cast iron utensils in antique shops in useable conditions.

They are costly to buy, but they can be easily found. They tend to brittle except for malleable cast iron with:

1、Relatively Low melting point: They start melting at low temperatures.

2、Good fluidity: Lower viscosity of metals.

3、Excellent machinability: They can be cut easily.

4、Deformation Resistance: They tend to sustain their shapes and geometry.

5、Malleability: The process through which metals can be rolled or pressed into sheets.

They have a good heat capacity, which means that they can hold heat better than cast aluminum. They are ductile, the process during which they can be drawn into wires.

Advantages of Cast Aluminum:

Cast Aluminum:

Cast aluminum is manufactured after melted aluminum is filled into a mold. Aluminum skillets were created by slicing each pan from a heavy solid block of aluminum. It had a softness and more sensation to heat. It had vigorous reactions with basic and acidic foods that caused aluminum atoms to transfer from the cast aluminum skillet into food. That caused a dangerous ailment, Alzheimer’s disease.

The casting process of aluminum helped to find out the solution to this problem.


It is well known than its counterpart, cast iron. Its cookware and utensils have a lot of advantages for home as well as professional chefs. It is an essential and naturally occurring metal in the Earth’s crust.

They do have:

1、Lighter: They have less weight as compared to cast iron utensils.

2、Low specific capacity: They can’t hold heat for a long time.

3、Short Life span: They can’t stabilize themselves, unlike cast iron.

4、Abundance: They are found in bulk quantities in nature.

5、Lower costs: They are cheap to purchase but hard to be found.


Applications of Cast Iron:

Cast iron is widely used as a pipeline engineering material, machinery, automotive industry parts such as:

1、Cylinder heads

2、Cylinder blocks

3、Gearbox cases

They are used to construct cast-iron bridges over rivers, canals, and lakes, etc. They also had been used in the construction of buildings to make cast-iron columns for supporting buildings. Many industrial and agricultural machines are manufactured in foundries in different countries by using cast-iron. They also had been used in textile industries to avoid flammable woody frame. They are also used to make utensils like skillets and pans.

Applications of Cast Aluminum:

It also has a wide range of applications like its counterpart cast-iron.

You can get a utility from it, but without felling a too-heavy skillet on its path and from the side of the oven. It is vulnerable to fell a spilled hot food if an elbow jerks the handle accidentally.

It has a great role in mobility. The cars you drive are almost manufactured from aluminum and other parts for increased fuel efficiency. It is also used to make doors and windows of the homes. It can also be used to make a cool roof to increase insulation to decrease heating phenomena.

Professional Die Casting Service of First Part:

Die casting is a procedure to make metallic products by pouring molten metal into mold cavities. The cavity in which the melted metal is poured is called Die or mold.

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