Three-Dimensional (3D) Printing is a process of additive manufacturing in which objects are made by adding layers of additives like plastic. The objects are made based on a 3D model designed by any modeling software, and the 3D printer is used to create those objects. So, a blueprint of any object is designed, and a […]


·         RAPID PROTOTYPING, LOW-VOLUME PRODUCTION  ·        ONE-DEMAND MANUFACTURING SERVICES ·        GLOBAL DELIVERY AS FAST AS 7 DAYS Accelerate Your Manufacturing & Optimize Your Supply Chain First part offers a diverse range of general and additive manufacturing services geared at helping our customers get to their target markets quickly and affordably. With […]

Understanding CNC Machining Operations – Tooling

Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) is an advanced manufacturing technique that is used to make off-the-shelf, simple and complex parts that can be used right off the production line. CNC machines employs subtractive manufacturing, a process whereby a workpiece is chipped at, cut, bored or turned till the final design model is achieved. As efficient as […]

Machining vs Die Casting Metal Parts

To machine or to cast? When dealing with metal end-use parts, most customers usually have a problem picking which of these process is optimal for them. Today’s blogs investigates both processes, highlighting the differences and when to use what. What is CNC Machining? CNC machining is a part manufacturing technique in which a block of […]

The Importance of Gates Choices in Injection Molding Operations

The Importance of Gates Choices in Injection Molding Operations The aim of every professional injection molding exercise is to outcome finished parts with excellent mechanical properties, designed to dimension and free from defects. Where injection molding designs are concerned, one of the most important considerations lie in the positioning of the gates. Some published researches have […]

Top Considerations for CNC Machining Large Parts

Top Considerations for CNC Machining Large Parts CNC machines are very versatile for product manufacture and precision machining. Relative to 3D printing, CNC machines can deliver large size parts with amazing accuracy and finish. More often than not, parts to be CNC machined will fall within the capacity of the device. In few instances, the […]

WFH – 3 Recommendations to Help Optimize Productivity and Deliver Quality

WFH – 3 Recommendations to Help Optimize Productivity and Deliver Quality As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to rock the world, many government organizations, private investments and social causes have encouraged #workfromhome, #stayathome and #socialdistancing. As a machinist, designer, entrepreneur, material scientist, engineer or 3D printer, working from home may seem a bit tricky; from dealing […]

Understanding Low and High Helix Angles

Understanding Low and High Helix Angles  The Helix angle of any end mill refers to the angle that is formed between the edge of the tool’s rake face and its centerline. Generally, helix angle of any operation may vary from material to material. The end-goal and finishing may also determine what helix angle is appropriate. […]