CNC Machining Center: 5 Factors for Perfect Tooling Service

Machining with Long tools: 3 Important Details

The demand for fully customized parts and components for the most varied industries is growing. Whether for specific machinery or a completely innovative process, many of these parts require deeper holes, which need to be drilled by machining with long tools.

However, this process is challenging and, therefore, some details and care need to be observed.

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Machining with long tools

When we talk about the production of large and usually complex parts, CNC machining with long tools can be the chosen and necessary process for this production. However, using longer length tools there are some precautions.

This is because, because of this longer tool length, it can be more challenging in terms of stability, fixation and geometry precision. There are cases, for example, in which the depth at which the hole is executed ends up generating a balance in the part itself, which can lead to inaccuracy in turning.

In these cases, some items can avoid this kind of problem. That’s what we’ll explain next.

3 important details when using long length tools

Some items can be observed when CNC machining with long tools, in order to ensure maximum precision, safety and quality of the process.

Machine rigidity

To avoid the vibrations that can naturally occur during this machining process, it is possible to apply and guarantee even more rigidity of the system and machinery.

This can be done, for example, through rigid structural elements that are even more reinforced, with the addition of high-rigidity materials.

Solid fixation

The part to be machined, on the other hand, can also undergo a fixation, either by clamps or another tool, which leaves it as stabilized as possible from the cutting location. Thus, in a simple way, it provides more security when machining.

Choice of Material

When designing the machining project, it is already possible to verify the type of cut required to carry out the desired geometry.

Thus, the material choice step must also consider, if applicable, the peculiarities of machining with long tools. This means that it is important to choose materials with more rigidity and hardness and that absorb less vibration.

This can also minimize the overhangs inherent in this type of machining and facilitate process accuracy.

Thus, CNC machining with long tools, like so many other processes within this sector, requires technical knowledge and quality assured processes, which will guarantee the precision of the manufactured part.

Tool shop: everything you need to know about it

Tooling is an essential service in metallurgy and, above all, in CNC machining services. Through it, it is possible to create and produce the most varied tools for production lines in many industrial sectors.

Thus, it is from this that equipment and tools are made that, in other production lines, will perform cuts, folds, molding, among others. This includes sectors such as automotive, general production, civil construction, military, aerospace, chemical, and mining, among others.

In order for you to know even more about this service, FirstPart has prepared a precise guide. Keep reading!

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Tooling: learn more about this activity

The main function of tooling, as mentioned above, is to manufacture tools, parts and other equipment that will be used in other automation and industrial processes.

We can then say that each item that the tooling shop produces has the objective of helping another industry, either by reducing the use of raw materials, for example, avoiding accidents and recurring problems in the machinery or even bringing more efficiency to the production line.

Different types of CNC machining companies then need these parts to raise their production levels, make them more accurate, quality, safe, fast and efficient.

The tooling service will provide these companies then:

1. Efficiency in the application of parts, ensuring greater productivity

2. Functionality of the tool produced, allowing more versatility for production

3. Quality of parts and molds, which gives security in the execution of processes such as cutting, for example

The fact that the tooling also works with a wide variety of materials, such as steel, metals, irons, aluminum and plastics, makes this solution even more strategic in the industrial scenario.

Tooling in practice

Companies that provide tooling services use conventional machinery (such as milling machines, lathes and grinding machines) as well as technological ones, which include CNC technology, for example.

This advancement in recent years, adding more and more innovation and modernity, was essential for the tooling to continue, as it has throughout the year, providing high standards of precision, productivity and durability of the parts delivered.

How to choose your CNC machining Service Company?

There are countless industries that need special tools and parts for the full functioning of their production. And there are also many companies that offer this solution, especially in states with large industries. How then to choose a CNC machining services company?

The process of choosing your supplier company involves several aspects, which must be considered both in relation to your company, that is, your business, and the company that will be your partner.

Below are some important items for you to consider and pay attention to when making your choice. Keep reading!

How to hire best CNC Machining services in 2022?

When hiring a company to carry out the production of parts, molds and tools for its production requires a good search for suppliers.

So, some important aspects to choose a CNC machining Services Company:

Company infrastructure

It is essential to know what infrastructure this company has. This includes not only machining centers and machinery, but also the place where it operates and the professionals who work directly in production.

For this, you can search about the machining services company like FirstPart and even pay a visit to the site, to check all the manufacturing area available to your needs. Also check the quality of raw materials used by the machining company.

Portfolio of available services

A good machining services company must have an extensive portfolio of services and solutions available. This is not only so that it can offer a personalized service for any type of need that your business needs, but also because it brings even more reputation and credibility in the most varied markets.

Thus, by offering varied procedures and services, such as light and medium-sized machining, this partnership company will give you the security and commitment of a business recognized by several sectors.

Technology used

In addition to the updated machinery, with lathes, CNC machining centers, grinding machines, among others, you should note whether the machining services company that you want to hire invests in technology.

The quality of the instruments, therefore, is very necessary, but be aware of other innovations such as 3D software, computerized systems, traceability equipment, among others, which guarantee innovation in all stages of the process.

A machining solution must provide quality and reliability from start to finish, so evaluate the technology employed throughout the entire process.

Quality certificates

Several CNC machining companies adapt their processes to the highest quality standards, such as ISO. This allows for continuous improvement and, most importantly, assures you that your final product will be of extremely high quality and precision.

Precision in quality control is, of course, one of the great differences between companies that provide machining services.