How to hire the best CNC machining services in 2023 China?

What is a CNC machining service?

Hi, maybe you are misunderstanding CNC as a certain material, right? For the most part, people use the word machining in conjunction with certain materials or products. For example stainless steel processing, wood processing, mica processing … so you also have a bit of a misunderstanding that CNC is a material…

So what is CNC?

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control, which is a term for computer-controlled mechanical lathe systems, developed from the late 1940s to early 1950s at MIT’s Servomechanism laboratory.

Outstanding advantages of CNC machining

The advent of CNC machines rapidly changed industrial production. Curves are made as easy as straight lines, complex 3-D structures are also easily realized, and a large amount of human manipulation is minimized.

Increased automation in the manufacturing process with CNC machines has resulted in a significant increase in accuracy and quality. CNC automation minimizes errors and frees up operator time for other tasks. It also allows flexibility in the manipulation of products and the time required changing machines to manufacture other components.

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An example to create a complex decorative product is as follows. The customer must use CNC machining services to create a faultless, beautiful, and cheapest product to date.

Outstanding features of precision mechanical machining

Precision mechanical machining service can process most materials, no need to use high hardness materials to meet all hardness requirements.

This type creates products with higher precision and grinding to meet the strict requirements of customers.

It also helps customers save a large amount of money when processing difficult parts.

Forms of precision mechanical processing services

Turning processing: The products are rotated and machined with corresponding CNC cutting tools (CNC lathes).

Milling processing: The milling machine rotates the spindle and drives it to the workpiece. Often use cutting tools such as drills, milling cutters, endmills, etc.

Post-processing: Products that have not yet achieved the required precision from the manufacturer will be processed by grinding, sandblasting, or polishing to achieve roughness, smoothness, or clarity.

Why should you choose a reputable and quality mechanical processing service?

Due to the technical characteristics of the industry, it is very important to choose a reputable processing partner for standard precision CNC machining products. When manufacturing parts CNC machining, there are many outstanding advantages such as:

1. Can perform the production and CNC machining of a large number of mechanical products in a short time, always ensuring the delivery schedule.

2. Significantly reduce labor costs in production due to mechanical processing by automatic machinery system, operating according to settings.

3. Ensure the accuracy and uniformity for the batch of goods manufactured, processed, and CNC turned according to the requirements.

However, the most dangerous disadvantage when performing production and processing by CNC machinery is the risk of mass failure of the products. Because CNC machining is mainly done using automatic machinery, the failure of the processed product will be of a chain nature.

How to hire the best CNC machining services?

It is the careful selection of CNC turning and CNC machining units as partners to supply components. Those must be the units that always take the prestige as the first in all production and business activities. You can base it on the following two criteria:

Technicians have high-level skills to be able to manipulate and operate the CNC machine system correctly to perform mechanical processing. They are the ones who have the ability to best control the risks that occur thanks to their in-depth knowledge and practical experience.

The machinery system and factory are invested to meet the standards of the mechanical company. You can fully assess your partner’s production and processing capacity by visiting their facilities. Unlike the human factor assessment, the machine system always has full specifications revealed.

Always work with clear economic agreements and contracts. Accepting a written commitment is to show respect to your working partner. Accordingly, the rights and responsibilities of both parties are always best guaranteed.

Products of mechanical processing on CNC machines

CNC machines can mechanically process a variety of materials from hard materials such as iron, steel, stainless steel to soft materials such as plastic, rubber, etc. The finished products can be used in many industries or industries. in life, for example:

Machine details from simple to complex: screws; bolts; key and key types; axis…

All kinds of jigs – jigs such as welding jigs, milling jigs, turning, grinding, … specialized jigs and multi-function jigs. The jigs help to fix the product during assembly, processing, etc. to create accurate and fast products.

High-quality jigsaw products from CNC machining

Product molds are also one of the popular products of CNC machining methods, including punching molds, casting molds, injection molds, and blow molds… Finished mold products are CNC machined with high precision, thereby providing molded products with good quality.

The gears manufactured by CNC machines always ensure the correct dimensions according to the drawings, each detail is designed delicately, neatly, and sharply: Some types of gears commonly produced by this method are: Cylindrical gears, bevel gears, worm gears, etc.

Types of CNC machines used in mechanical processing

The current CNC machine machining method is mainly performed by 7 types of mechanical processing machines as follows:

1. CNC lathes are often used to process screw threads, cylindrical machine parts, flat surfaces, or spirals. In addition, it is also used in woodworking and glass processing.

2. CNC cutting machines are used to cut workpieces according to pre-programmed lines. It is used to manufacture stainless steel tools, utensils, electrical cabinets, transformers, billboards, etc.

3. CNC drilling machines are used in making holes in products. Therefore, it is used for processing and manufacturing all kinds of screws, bolts, hydraulic cylinders, etc.

4. CNC milling machine currently has two types of machine tools vertical and horizontal milling machines. CNC milling machines are used to process machine parts such as shafts, bushings, flywheels, propellers, and especially to make wooden objects.

5. CNC routers are used in single-unit production or small-scale mass production. The products processed by CNC routers are swallowtail slide, T-groove, gears, key shafts, etc.

6. CNC broaching machine is widely applied in the automobile manufacturing industry, namely in the manufacture of gears, brake systems, keyways, etc. In addition, it is also used in shipbuilding and some other industries.

7. The CNC grinding machine is used to smooth the surface of the product with a grinding stone. The main purpose when using this machine is to create a smooth surface, remove surface impurities and create gloss for the product.

Why First Part CNC machining service?

The first Part is considered as one of the best CNC machining units on the market today with advantages such as:

Professional and accurate CNC machining service, ensuring that the output product is not only the right size and technique but also beautiful and durable

The modern machine system fully meets the processing requirements of both large and small quantities, from simple to complex requirements.

Receive processing according to customer requirements but still have affordable prices and many incentives.

We Process Mass CNC Machining

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