Glossary Of Rapid Prototype Industry

Rapid prototyping consists of two steps which are: Assembly verification:  Due to the flawless connection of RP technology, it can quickly manufacture validate, structural parts and it can also analyze product structure and assemble the product, this is done because after this the product design can be evaluated and therefore The cycle of development is […]

What Is The Difference Between CNC Machining and Aluminium Die Casting of Aluminum Housing?

The reason why the production of aluminium die casting for electronic products needs to find an aluminum casing manufacturer for processing and customization is because different brands and models of products have different requirements for aluminum casings. The difference lies in the shape, size and appearance treatment. There are two processing technologies in the aluminum casing processing […]

Aluminum CNC Rapid Prototyping Technology

In this era where user experience is highly valued, more and more mobile phone, notebook, and wearable device manufacturers have begun to make efforts on the material of the casing. From the perspective of mobile phones, the material of mobile phone casings is also gradually transitioning from engineering plastics to metals. During the evolution of […]

Reducing Injection Molding Costs On Your Next Project

The most profitable manufacturers are those who have a cost advantage over their competitors. Everybody wants to save money on production parts. This is because the lower the cost of production, the more affordable the part is and the more the profit realizable from the sale of those parts. For injection molding molds, one of the most […]

Additive Manufacturing Demystified

Providing simple answers to some of the most asked questions about 3D printing FirstPart provides professional 3D printing services and additive manufacturing technology to a wide range of customers. In our day to day interaction with potential clients, businesses and customers, we notice that there are many misconceptions about 3D printing. These questions often include how […]

Finding The Best Plastic For Your Project Applications

Plastic Injection Molding is one of the most versatile operations for the manufacture of high-quality plastic parts. When developing a new product, the material selection usually factors in the end-use, cost, color, availability of the resins and ease of use. Today, we explore the many categories of applications that developers might use plastic parts for and […]

3D Printing In Healthcare And Medicine (3D Printing Prototype Service)

3D Printing in Healthcare and Medicine  Medicine and healthcare have seen more involvements with 3D printing over the last decade than years before then. 3D printing has pushed the bounds of conventional medicine, creating opportunities to explore solutions that have led to huge breakthroughs in the field of medicine. From the most complex organs such as […]

Benefits Of Plastic Injection Molding

The benefits of injection molding for plastic parts are numerous. Injection molding is one of the most suitable process for producing versatile plastic components ideal for use across several different industries. Injection molding is also consistent, durable and affordable, creating high-quality plastic parts that will last for years to come.  Today, we take a look at […]