Short Descriptions Firstpart

Low-Volume Manufacturing 
At Firstpart, we provide low-volume manufacturing services to fast track your product development and prototyping needs. With 3d printing, urethane casting, CNC machining, vacuum casting and sheet metal services, our expert team of engineers can manufacture anywhere between 10-10,000 units of your part. Our low-volume manufacturing is a popular option for product engineers, availing them the opportunities to make rapid response in product development, providing quick entries to market and bridge production needs between initial prototypes and eventual mass production. 

Rapid Tooling 
Do away with conventional tooling as Rapid Tooling explores the versatility of 3D printing and rapid injection molding to help develop quick, accurate and durable parts for creating your mold or tool. At Firstpart, we employ rapid tooling to make mold quickly or fabricate your high integrity copies of your tool for low volume prototyping parts, cutting conventional tooling time, leadtimes and cost by over 60 percent.
All our rapid tooling parts and molds are made to the highest quality, further enhancing the number of times they can be used in prototyping and creating legitimate copies for product prototyping. 

Rapid Prototyping 
Engage Firstpart to manufstcure high-quality, cost-optimal product prototypes through a wide range of production services like 3D printing, injection molding and urethane casting. Our rapid prototyping services will leave you with physical iteration of your product idea at the most affordable prices and quickest leadtimes. At Firstpart, rapid prototyping solutions are processed with special emphasis of delivering functionality, enabling testing accuracy and on-the-go design improvements. Our prototypes are fast, economical and affordable as no tooling cost are incurred. In just about 72 hours, you can get your hands-on high-quality prototypes for low-volume manufacturing. This is the best service for validating your product design, optimizing product value and seizing market opportunities. 

Finishing Services 
Give your parts the look, feel, aesthetic and cosmetic superiority that you desire! With our variety of finishing techniques to deliver numerous colour and texture options, we offer your products the edge to captivate on first interaction. Our finishing experts and texture engineers are able to deliver excellence that will leave your product desired by your target market. From polishing to anodizing, spraying, sanding, blasting, brushing and even laser etching and engraving, Firstpart is able to ensure beautiful productions after manufacturing with the right fit for your manufacturing process.