Metal Fabrication for the Energy Industry

As environmental concerns for conventional energy sources continue to rise, renewable energy manufacturing is taking front row and playing a vital role in delivering clean energy for future use. Metal fabrication is one of the avenues for delivering infrastructure in the energy industry. As a metal fabrication company, Firstpart delivers a complete range of essential services that bolsters project economics and manufacturability in the green industry. Our diverse metal engineering capabilities include several optimized techniques that will help lower cost of production and increase part quality. 

Managing the Shift 

As of today, we partner with an array of conventional companies making energy from hydrocarbon sources. Many of our partners have demonstrated and committed resources towards a cleaner future. In the time for which this transition will take place, sheet metal fabrication can deliver optimized performance in the following aspects: 

• Oil and Gas Pipelines 

Sheet metal techniques are used to fabricate high-performance concentric pipelines that aid transportation of oil and gas commodities on and offshore across a network of distribution channels. 

• Storage Tanks

We build high quality large-volume storage tanks that serve as reservoirs, temporary keeps and even transportation medium for a diverse number of purposes in the oil and gas downstream industry.

• Exploration and Drilling Components

We harness the power of CNC machining along with sheet metal fabrication to deliver the most performance-driven exploration and drilling tool components. 

Renewable Energy Manufacturing and Our Fabrication Capabilities 

With so much expected growth in the energy sector, the fabricating capabilities of the oil and gas industry must be diversified to cater to the needs of renewables. Our full scope of metal fabrication including sheet rolling, laser cutting, punching, forming, bending, welding and more, combined with the high-end computing power of CNC machining will deliver a capable and streamlined process to drive the renewable energy business towards affordability and sustainability. Here’s how metal fabrication is integral to solar, wind and geothermal energy developments:

Solar Energy 

Solar energy is where the most traction in renewable energy has been made. Year on year, the market for solar energy expands. Along with this increase is the need for high-quality parts. Quality panels and components directly affect the efficacy of the solar energy useable. Firstpart has the capability to make crucial parts like posts, sockets, panels, trackers, brackets, mounts, inverters, connectors and controller enclosures. 

There is a lot of market for solar energy in Africa and around the world. The landing cost of solar energy is gradually reducing, benefitting from macroeconomics. With 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication and CNC machining coming on board, we can expect this industry to more generally more affordable for everyone. 

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is relatively untapped, however, the potential value from this system of clean energy is well documented. Geothermal energy draws from the energy stored within the planet’s organic underground temperatures to deliver heating and cool energy in different seasons of the year. 

The concept of using geothermal energy involves the uses of a manufactured component that connects the system to an underground energy source. The component will consist of pipes, filters, pumps, valves, condensers, housings, enclosures, some of which must remain corrosion-resistant. With sheet metal fabrication, Firstpart can deliver on reliable components manufactured to match the rigors and technicalities of geothermal energy production.

Wind Energy

Improved manufacturing solutions can help deliver more efficient, powerful, corrosion-resistant components to propel wind energy into a mainstay. From wind turbines to blades, rotors and engines, wind turbines are situated in areas of harsh environmental conditions. This is why specialized sheet metal processing and CNC machining must be used to make components that will perform optimally and last the entire lifespan of the project. 

Because efficacy is so crucial for wind turbines, they must be put through stringent quality control and manufacturing operations that will ensure zero downtimes and lower maintenance costs. 

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