How FirstPart Can Increase The Quality Of Your Plastic Products

As a renowned and certified plastic part manufacturer in China, First Part has a reputation of manufacturing stellar products of the highest quality. At First Part, we understand the essence of quality in every faucet of production – from raw material to finished products. Because of how competitive the manufacturing landscape has become, we aim to help our clients deliver high-quality products that exceeds market standards to grow sales and build an industry reputation for existing and new entrants. 

Today, we take a run through of all the ways First Part can help you avoid the common mistakes that often stifle sales and tarnish product reputation arising from a lack of trust and quality. Below are 6 solid ways that all of us here at First Part can play a role in ensuring that we supply you with highly durable and functional parts to help boost your product standing in any competing market. 

Quality control and Material Inspection 
In our bid to mitigate product challenges and quality substandard that may exist in the production of path, our process begins with a stringent quality control measure that is carried out by our quality control and raw material inspection unit. 
Here, we conduct a detailed analysis of the selected plastic and resins, evaluating both physical and mechanical properties to ensure that they are of the right grade. This guarantees that we do not run production with non-conforming or lower grade materials in our manufacturing operations. 

ANSI and ISO Certifications 
Our team is an experienced and broadly exposed collection of scientists and engineering experts who are well versed with ISO documentation outlines and ANSI Standards related to plastic manufacturing quality. At First Part, we strive to run our process at the most optimal standards to ensure uniformity and consistency in your parts. We are dedicated to product conformity with all applicable standards which means that you can be rest assured of our excellent supply chain in our plastic molding manufacturing operations. 

Monitoring operations with machine controls and human interactions
While all our processes are mostly fully automated, we still ensure that we have a frequent level of monitoring performed during the production cycle. Our processes are designed to house multiple control check points where we use automated means or manual inspection measures to evaluate the assemblies and components being manufactured to ensure that they conform to customer’s specifications even before the final product is complete. 

Rapid feedback systems
At First part, we ensure that we keep an open line of communication with all our clients to ensure that we have a rapid feedback system to make corrections and effect changes on the go. We also have a customer satisfaction and feedback system that allows us to periodically give out surveys. This ensures that we take corrections and suggest areas of improvement on either material and design aspects of your next project.

State of art equipment 
When you run your production with First Part, you can enjoy the high-quality that emanates as a consequence of working with lasts cutting-edge machines. We deliver best in-class manufacturing equipment using state of the art equipment with relevant operating standards. This guarantees cost-effectiveness, reliability, scalability, and precision in every single one of your manufactured plastic part. 

Quality Assurance Exercises 
At the end of all manufacturing operation, we perform an in-depth final quality assurance exercise that evaluates the final part against customer specifications. In this exercise, we test the product against different metrics such as color, finish, surface texture, strength, durability, abrasion-resistance and functionality. This helps us to supply only the best parts that meet or exceed preset standards. 

First Part has been helping a diverse range of clients from both domestic and international bases to produce high quality plastic parts in China. With over 50 years of cumulative experience, we have facilitated the production of several plastic end products that are highly durable, functional and cost-effective to serve a variety of purpose across numerous industries. We avail you to contact us here and receive a free quote on your next project and discover why we are one of the nation’s top suppliers for injection molded parts today!