Why choose injection molding in the First Part?

Injection molding: It is the injection of molten plastic material under extreme pressure into a mold cavity. The material is then allowed to cool and finally shaped into the desired forms. Injection cycle intervals range from a few seconds to two minutes or more. It depends upon the size, design, complexity, and material of the […]

Professional Low-Volume Manufacturing CNC Milling Service – First Part

Low-Volume CNC Milling Service is a great way to save money and get parts manufactured within a short period. If you’re looking for a good Low-Volume CNC Milling Service Provider then, you’ve come to the right place. This article will equip you with all the relevant information regarding the Low-Volume CNC Milling Services in 2021. […]

What Is Rapid Prototyping

What is Rapid Prototyping?  As innovations continue to churn out newer and better products at breakneck speeds, the need for quicker design iterations and shorter product cycles is also on the rise. One of the few efficient and reliable ways of achieving faster production is Rapid prototyping.  Quite simply, rapid prototyping is the umbrella name […]

How to hire the best CNC machining services in 2023 China?

What is a CNC machining service? Hi, maybe you are misunderstanding CNC as a certain material, right? For the most part, people use the word machining in conjunction with certain materials or products. For example stainless steel processing, wood processing, mica processing … so you also have a bit of a misunderstanding that CNC is […]

CNC Machining Center: 5 Factors for Perfect Tooling Service

Machining with Long tools: 3 Important Details The demand for fully customized parts and components for the most varied industries is growing. Whether for specific machinery or a completely innovative process, many of these parts require deeper holes, which need to be drilled by machining with long tools. However, this process is challenging and, therefore, […]

What is Injection Molding, classification & General Structure?

To learn about plastic mold design and plastic injection technology, you must have a good understanding of: 1. mold structure 2. technical requirements 3. and classification of plastic injection molds according to mold cavity and channel For those who are starting to learn about plastic mold design, we must first understand the concepts of plastic […]

What is rapid prototyping – Methods and pros and cons?

Rapid prototyping is a technology that not only helps manufacturers save costs but also shortens the research and development process. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of rapid prototyping technology that are chosen by so many people? To better understand this technology, let’s explore it with us in the article below. What is rapid […]

What is 3D printing process: Beginner Guide

3D printing technology – Overview of this modern printing technology In the field of 3D printing, there are many different types of printing technologies and methods. However, the general principle characteristics of the so-called 3D printing technologies are: creating products by overlapping many layers of materials, according to the available contours of 3D drawings (3D files). Through this […]

Ultimate Guide to Learn CNC Machining with Simplest Terms

What is CNC machining? What is the basic mechanism of CNC precision machining? What are its main benefits and limitations? If you have just started this job and need to learn about it, do not hesitate to read our article below. Article table of contents 1 What is the concept of CNC?2 What is CNC […]