A Guide to CNC Machining Tolerance [2023 Updated]

Manufacturing tolerances are important because they are used to indicate the allowable deviation in manufactured parts. Manufacturing tolerances will be different for each type of part, because every part is built with a different method and set of specifications. The purpose of a manufacturing tolerance is to allow for a slight amount of variance in […]

Injection Molding & Rapid Prototyping for Medical Devices Manufacturing

Medical Injection Molding is an injection molding process that may be used to make medical devices such as syringes, catheters, and surgical instruments. The process involves injecting a fluid (most of the time, the polymer) into a part of the device, which is heated at a high temperature. This causes the polymer to melt and […]

Rapid injection molding processes

Rapid injection molding processes Injection molding is an industrial process usually used for fabricating substances from plastic toys and jewelry to automotive body parts, containers, water bottles, and telephone cases. Most of the parts of plastic that we use in daily life are injection molded. It’s a rapid procedure to make a mass amount of […]

Cost-effective CNC Milling Service to quote online in China

Finding a Quality CNC Milling Service is not strenuous task if you are a regular customer of FirstPart. You can find the best CNC Milling Service to get Instant Quote online. We will go through some details which are indispensable while considering a Milling Service. Why Milling Service? It is a best process to procure […]

Cast Urethane Materials

ABS TYPE Material Brand Material Simulation Strength Shore Flexion(MPA) TC Max Color Characteristics Applications PU8150 Hei-CAST ABS 83 shD 1790 85 Amber, white,  black Well-balanced physical propertiesExcellent cure propertiesSuperior dimensional stability Automotive Car BodyWheel,Vent Pipe Electronic:Refrigerator Air conditioner  PP LIKE Material Brand Material Simulation Strength Shore Flexion(MPA) TC Max Color Characteristics Applications UP5690 Axson PP 75-83 shD 600-1300 70 White/Black 3-components polyurethane for vacuum castingHigh elongationEasy processingFlexural modulus adjustableHigh impact resistance, no breakableGood flexibility  Casting for production of prototype parts and mock-ups having mechanical properties like PP and HDPE, such as instrument panel, bumper, equipment box, cover and anti-vibration tools. COLORABLE ELASTOMERS Material Brand Material Simulation Strength Shore Flexion(MPA) […]

CNC Machining Plastic

Material Color Feature Industries ABS  Milky White(Natural), Black, Clear  Electrically insulatingHigh stiffnessGood chemical resistanceLow densityGood dampingHigh toughnessLow moisture absorption Food processingHome appliancesAutomotive industryFixture constructionFood engineeringElectronicsMedical technology ABS-Flame Retardant Milky White(Natural), Black Electrically insulatingHigh stiffnessGood chemical resistanceLow densityGood dampingHigh toughnessLow moisture absorption Food processingHome appliancesAutomotive industryFixture constructionFood engineeringElectronicsMedical technology PC+ABS Black High impact strength even at low temperaturesHigh stiffnessLow overall shrinkage and high dimensional accuracyHeat resistance AutomotiveElectronicsHome appliancesFixture construction PC (Polycarbonate) Clear, Black  Excellent impact strengthExcellent strength and stiffnessExcellent dimensional stabilityGood machinability Aircraft and aerospace technologyFood engineeringFood processingCleanroom technologyPackaging and paper machinery Acrylic(PMMA) Clear, Black  High resistance to UV light and weathering,Excellent light transmissionUnlimited coloring options Sign manufacturePoint of Sales display unitsSafety glazingMachine enclosuresModel manufacture POM Copolymer(Acetal Copolymer) White, Black  (Blue Yellow, Green, Red, Gray) Meets requirements for USP Class VICompliant with cytotoxicity according toISO 10993-5Good machinability Medical technologyPharmaceutical industry POM Homopolymer(Acetal Homopolymer) White, Black Good machinabilityHigh stiffnessHigh fatigue strengthHigh creep resistanceGood wear propertiesVery good abrasion resistance Food processingFood engineeringAutomotive industryConveyor technologyConstruction industryMechanical engineeringElectronicsFixture constructionGear manufacturingHome appliances POM  20% Glass Filled  Black Very good dimensional stabilityExcellent strength and stiffnessGood machinabilityVery high creep resistant Automotive industryConstruction industryFixture constructionGear manufacturing POM Static Dissipative  White, Black Easy to machineGood wear propertiesGood chemical resistanceGood mechanical propertiesAntistatic Aircraft and aerospace technologyProtection of electronicsComputer technologyExplosion protectionMining industryBusiness machinesConveyor technology Nylon  PA6  Milky White Black(Blue) Excellent slip-stick propertiesExcellent wear resistanceGood machinabilityResistant to many oils, greases, and fuelsHigh toughnessHigh mechanical load capacity Conveyor technologyConstruction industryHeavy duty industryPackaging and paper machinery Nylon PA 66 Milky White Black(Blue) Very good slide and wear propertiesGood machinabilityBroad chemical compatibilityResistant to cleaning agents Agricultural machineryAutomotive industryBusiness machinesConstruction industryFood engineeringConveyor technologyHeavy duty industryTextile industry Nylon PA66+30%GF  Black Very good mechanical strengthHigh heat deflection temperatureHigh stiffnessHigh strengthExcellent wear propertiesHigh fatigue strengthResistant to many solventsHigh creep resistance Power engineeringGear manufacturingAutomotive industryConveyor technologyMechanical engineeringConstruction industry HDPE White, Black  (Blue Yellow, Green, Red, Gray) Broad chemical compatibilityEasy to machineGood impact strengthLow moisture absorption […]

CNC Machining Metal

Aluminium Material Tensile Strengthσb(Mpa) Yield Strengthσs(Mpa) Hardness/HB Densityg/cm3 Elongation/% Feature 2024-T3/T4 470-485 325-345 120~145 2.82 10-12 High strengthHigh fatigue resistance 5052-H32 228 193 60 2.68 12 High strengthHigh fatigue resistance 6061-T6 310 275 95 2.73 6-10 Good weldabilityCommonly extrudedSuitable for hot forging 6063-T5/T6 185 145 95 2.73 8 Good weldabilityCommonly extrudedSuitable for hot forging 6082-T6 245 140 95 2.73 10 Higher strengthLower ductilityWrought  7075-T6 570 505 150 2.82 11 Good fatigue strengthLow resistanceGood corrosion resistanceHigh strength-to-density ratio MIC-6 166 105 […]

Plastic Injection Molding

Material Tensile Strength Flexural Modulus Impact Strength Max Temp. Chemical Resistance ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) 5000-7500 psi 270,000-380,000 psi 3.0-7.5 ft-lb/in notched izod 140°-200° F Poor to Fair ABS + PC (ABS + Polycarbonate Alloy) 6400-9150 psi 300,000-400,000 psi 8-12 ft-lb/in notched izod 140°-210° F Poor to Fair Acetal (POM)  6000-22,000 psi 120,000-170,000 psi .8-2 […]


Case study: Interior LED Lamp Processes: Rapid plastic injection molding for volume production Materials: Mold Tool (Reflector Part): 718H / Mold Tool (Lens Part): S136 Reflector Part: — LG CHEM LUPOY RF3208 solid white (Download the material sheet) Lens part: — Bayer Makrolon PC2647 clear (Download the material sheet) Case study: Interior LED LampProcesses: Rapid plastic injection […]