6 Reasons Firstpart Should Be Your CNC Machining Partner

Firstpart is one of China’s leading general manufacturing and fabrication specialists. From relatively simple solutions like sheet metal fabrication to complex technologies like injection molding, 3D printing and precision-driven techniques like CNC machining, our success rate has soared over the years for all the right reasons. Today, we take a look at one of our most coveted services, CNC machining and 6 key reasons why you should consider working with us.

1.   Capacity and Experience

At Firstpart, we boast of both superior technological and human capacity. The combined experience of our engineers, product managers, design specialists and skilled workforce averages over a decade. With over 100 CNC turning and milling centres of both domestic and imported brands, Firstpart is able to deliver on mass production units of small, medium and large parts.

Our experience plays across a wide range of industries which is not limited to robotics, aerospace, defence, automotive, medical and dental, consumer electronics, general manufacturing, education, rapid tooling and rapid prototyping.

Our CNC mills and lathes can perform high speed turning and milling operations across 3, 4 and 5-axis multiaxis milling techniques to guarantee high precision, complex part manufacturing and geometrical accuracy. In order to serve all our customers better, we have moved into our new 2020 facility with even upgraded capacity and expanded network for machining capabilities.

2.   Quality

At Firstpart, quality begins right from design scrutiny and flows all through material selection, sourcing, in-process evaluation, finishing and final part inspection.

Quality also embodies compliance with regulatory standards and a commitment to excellence. Our factory is ISO 9001:2015, AS9001 certified along with guaranteed implementation of GMPs (Good manufacturing practices). We also have an array of FDA certifications that has allowed us ply our trade and deliver exceptional value in the medical and dental industry.

Post-CNC machining, all your parts are subjected to stringent quality control measured to ensure that your parts are made to look and function as agreed.

3.   Material and Finishing Options

Firstpart CNC machining service is diversified and versatile, supporting up to 20 engineering-grade staple materials. Our CNC milling and CNC turning operations can be used to make simple, complex and composite parts from ceramics, metals, plastic, resins, elastomers, wood, glass and more.

We also offer turn-key part manufacturing that allows us to use custom material to deliver high-end part with high performance.

At Firstpart, we also offer an array of post-machining finishing options that helps you optimize your supply chain. We can polish, paint, chrome-plate, brush, bead-blast and anodize your parts to offer cosmetic finesse, protection and aesthetics to your part.

4.   Low-volume Manufacturing

While we use CNC techniques in the manufacturing mass volumes of end-use parts, we also offer CNC low-volume manufacturing without any minimum volume specifications to help you prototype high fidelity versions of your idea for testing and evaluation.

Our CNC low-volume services can also be used for bridge tooling, bridge production and custom/speciality parts manufacturing.

5.   Lead and Delivery Times

The speed, diversity and capacity of our CNC machining services translate into quicker leadtimes and faster delivery of your parts. With over 100 machining centres in our newly established facility, Firstpart is able to churn out high volumes of high-quality prototypes and end-parts within agreed timelines.

6.   Pricing and Instant Quotation

Our capacity and range means that we able to deliver parts at cost-effective price ranges. You can also take advantage of our seamless and easy-to-use instant quoting options that allows you to upload your design and receive feedback on design and pricing in a number of hours.

FirstPart CNC Machining in China

FirstPart is one of China’s leading manufacturing hub for Additive, CNC and Conventional manufacturing techniques. We boast of excellent in-house capacity, labour force and logistics while delivering exceptional value for money.

Our array of services include CNC machining, CNC turning, CNC milling, 3D printing, Rapid Tooling, Die casting, Rapid prototyping, Plastic Injection Molding, Urethane

Casting, Aluminium Extrusion, Post-machining/Finishing services and much more.

As we understand the global challenges that is faced by new businesses in these times of the Coronavirus, we offer product tooling, mass production, bridge tooling and low-volume prototyping/manufacturing with very flexible minimum order quantities (1 to 100,000). Our services are online, scalable and innovative, with a team of engineers and design experts available to support you through your entire product development cycle.

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