5 ReasonsTo Use 5-Axis CNC Machining

5 reasons to start using 5-axis CNC Machining on your projects

CNC manufacturing technology is growing at breakneck speed. 
The integration of computerized numerical controls into everyday fabrication and production processes has delivered increased speed, accuracy and sophistication to the industry. While there are 2 and 3-axis CNC machines, this advancement has now made 5-axis machines, though expensive, to be a staple in most machine shops. 

How it works 
5-axis CNC machines like CNC machining centres have 3 linear axes. The centres in 5-axis machines, however, have 2 extra rotary axes with one using a rotary table and the other incorporating the rotary axes into the spindle and headstock of the machine. 
The term 5-axis is used to denote the number of directions which the cutting tool can move. Its cutting tool moves along the regular X, Y and Z linear axis and additionally rotates along the A and B axis in order to approach the project from any side. 

The benefits of the 5-axis CNC machines are immense. Enhanced productivity, cost savings (after the initial setup costs) and accuracy are only a few advantages that both large, medium and small enterprises using 5-axis CNC machines stand to gain. Ready to find out why you should switch to the 5-axis beast on your next project? Read on! 

1.    General improved performance 
First and foremost, 5-axis CNC machines deliver improved performance ranging from productivity to efficiency, speed, cost savings and error reduction. 
The consequences of such improvements include more output, better quality and lesser waste. 5-axis CNC machines also help to save time on projects that would otherwise be spent on casting. 

2.    Complex geometries
5-axis CNC machines also convey the ability to machine and fabricate complex parts that would have to be casted. 
5-axis machines can produce complex shapes in a single set-up. The advantage if this is time and cost that would be saved in preparing fixtures when jobs are aligned in a series of set-ups. Finally, there is reduced risk of alignment errors that may arise in multiple setups when parts are being moved from place to place. 

3.    Wider tool range 
5-axis CNC machines allow for the use of a wider array of tools especially shorter cutting tools. This is because the head of these machines can drop lower towards the part, allowing you to run at a higher speed. 
Using shorter tools with 5-axis CNC machines also helps to reduce the vibration generated when cutting with 3-axis machines, especially when machining cavities or deep cores. 

4.    CAD/CAM compatibility 
5-axis CNC machines are compatible with CAD/CAM packages, allowing designers and developers a free arm on whatever environment they chose to work. 
Once completed, 5-axis CNC machines can optimally process these designs to produce high quality project outputs. 

5.    Enhanced drilling 
5-axis CNC machines can offer appreciable time savings when drilling holes at different angles. This is because unlike 3-axis machines, 5-axis CNC machines can be oriented along the appropriate axis for each hole automatically. 
This allows for time savings as there is no need to set-up for each hole as is the case in 3-axis machines. 

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