How To Clean Your 3D Printed Parts

3D printing is revered for its affordability, speed, and digital versatility. Once designed and modeled into a CAD file, 3D printers make it very possible to obtain a physical iteration of your concept or idea in as quick as 24 hours. 3D printed parts are excellent for product prototyping, sampling, market exhibitions, mockups, and in […]

Optimizing CNC Machining

CNC machining remains one of the most versatile manufacturing technologies in the world. In these years, many industrial manufacturing outlets were closed down due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While 3D printing and additive manufacturing helped many businesses continue product development and innovation, CNC machining remains the most effective panacea for low-volume production and rapid prototyping.  […]

The Most Common Materials For Plastic Injection Overmolding

Plastic injection molding is one of the services we offer at Firstpart to create composite plastic parts for practical uses. The overmolding process can be described as a molding process where a single part is made by molding a second material, the overmold, over a first material. The first material, also called the substrate, could be […]

Understanding Heat Treatments For CNC Machined Parts

Heat treatments are popular in industrial part manufacturing, often used to improve the material’s specific physical and chemical composition. The process involves heating metal alloys to extreme temperatures and the immediate cooling of the heated metals under monitored conditions. This rapid heating and cooling drive the changes in the chemical composition and atomic structures of […]

Why Manufacturers Are Shifting To Plastic (And Why You Should Too)

Metal materials are often associated with strength, premium, and quality. In early manufacturing, iron and steel were the mainstays of industrial processes. Today, more and more metal components are being replaced with other metals, and most popularly, plastic. If you have bought a new automobile or electronic device recently, you will feel the lightweight arising […]

5 Measures of Quality Assurance in Die Casting

Die casting is widely touted as the hallmark of excellence in making metal alloy production parts. From its capability to achieve excellent surface finishes to tight tolerances and recyclability, there is little wonder why die casting is the go-to solution for making a large volume of metal components. At Firstpart, we place a strong emphasis […]

Tips For Making Food-Safe Products & Prototypes

The food and drug industry is heavily regulated by the FDA and other national agencies around the world. When it comes to prototyping and manufacturing for the food industry, the FDA lays some stringent guidelines that must be followed to alleviate and mitigate the risk of food contamination and poisoning.  Manufacturing for the food industry […]


Over the years, we have witnessed how several popular brands have rebranded solid product lines across generations. With one or two facelifts, engineering improvements, and enhanced surface finish, famous brands like Samsung, Apple, and the likes have been able to pique new interest that empowers the survival of a product line.  Surface finishes have been […]

5 Trends Expected In Global Injection Molding (updated in 2023)

Today, we look at 2023 and the potential trends that may shape the injection molding sector of manufacturing. Our predictions revolve around the recovery of the economy and the shift to a more eco-friendly material option for part production. 1. Medical Injection Molding Will Climb  Plastic injection molding, along with 3D printing and CNC machining, […]