Medical Manufacturing

CNC Machining, 3D printing, Aluminium extrusion and Cast urethane all find wide range of uses in the medical industry. Once a part has met the FDA requirements for cleanliness, non-toxicity and bio-compatibility, it is usually ready to be used for its intended purposes. If you are a product engineer with interests in the medical industry, […]

Why Lubricants Are Essential In Die Casting Operations

Die casting, just as much as any manufacturing operation will surely involve some manner of heat generation, part movement, cooling and ejection. Because of how intense die casting can be, it is almost impossible to imagine a smooth operation without the use of lubricants. Lubricants aid the die casting process by minimizing the risk of […]

Glossary – 20 Important 3D Printing Terms For Beginners

3D Printing, also referred to as additive manufacturing is an exciting technology that is gaining traction and adoption at breakneck speeds. In fact, almost every major brand manufacturer in automotive, aerospace, consumer electronics and engineering fields own at least one 3D printer. From simple application for hobbyists to more complex uses like prototyping and tooling, […]

Induction Welding in Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Induction welding is a high-frequency welding technique that involves the use of an electromagnetic frequency to generate heat and excite an implant at the joint of two or more parts to be welded. The process involves an electromagnet and radio frequency that powers/heat an induction coil. The heated coil generates melts on the material surfaces […]

Characteristics of Sheet Metal & FirstPart Sheet Metal services

Sheet metal is a thin metal with thickness in between 0.5mm to 6 mm. Sheet metal is easy to form and has great strength which has resulted in wide use of sheet metal in almost every object. It is used for engineering purposes on large scale. Sheet metals having same properties of base metal are […]

6 Reasons Firstpart Should Be Your CNC Machining Partner

Firstpart is one of China’s leading general manufacturing and fabrication specialists. From relatively simple solutions like sheet metal fabrication to complex technologies like injection molding, 3D printing and precision-driven techniques like CNC machining, our success rate has soared over the years for all the right reasons. Today, we take a look at one of our […]

Dealing With Warping in 3D Printing

Introduction 3D Printing and additive manufacturing boast of a very high degree of part accuracy. Sadly, even with the versatility of 3D printers, they aren’t immune to part defects. From using wrong print settings to a lack of design optimization, 3D part defects can vary from simple curling to more complex issues like print failure […]


CNC Machines are multi-faceted devices, availing machinists an endless array of possibilities to create, refine and finish products from a diverse range of materials. Because of the use of Computerized numerical controls, these machines can manufacture products to a high degree of accuracy using many methods. Some of the most popular manufacturing techniques include turning […]