Achieving Corrosion Resistance in Product Design

Corrosion resistance is one of the key considerations when designing parts with metals or metallic alloys. Corrosion, which also refers to rust, is occasioned by the exposure of metal parts to oxygen and moisture. During corrosion, the metal parts react to reach their more stable form. While there are many ways to prevent corrosion through […]

Nylon vs. PLA vs. ABS

Nylon, ABS, and PLA are some of the most affordable filaments for 3D printing today, and while PLA and ABS are more similar and closer in price range, many of our customers ponder the use of Nylon for 3D printing. This article looks at all three materials, highlighting each material’s key properties and how they […]

What Causes Drag Marks On Your Aluminum Die Castings?

Aluminum die castings are widely used for their lightweight, high strength, and affordability. Aluminum is also one of the more easily casted metals. As is the case with other production processes, sub-optimal or inconsistencies in process control can lead to casting defects. When it comes to aluminum die castings, drag marks are some of the […]

What determines Tooling Cost

Tooling is inarguably one of the most significant cost drivers in any die casting or injection molding project. Tooling cost goes a long way in determining the project’s viability, often accounting for the lion share of the project budget. So how much precisely will your project tooling cost? Well, it’s difficult to tell without having […]