First Part Prototype Services

Rapid Prototyping and Low Volume Manufacturing Services

First Part are specialized in rapid prototyping and low volume manufacturing.

We offer our services to prospective and existing customers covering CNC machining, sheet metals, cast urethane, aluminum extrusion, 3D printing, injection molding, pressure die casting and a wide array of finishing services.

At First Part, our excellence speaks for us. Our client base is made up of an assortment of companies spread across multinational, conglomerate and local levels. Over the years, we have worked with small, medium and international clients such as Diageo, makers of Guinness, Malta Guinness, Cîroc and a host of other acclaimed brands.

With an extensive number of experience years under our belt, we are the experts to augment your design from ideation to reality through prototyping and finished product manufacturing. We pride ourselves as conformers to superior standards with a quick turnaround time at reasonable prices.

Because we understand the need for a perfect, flaw-free design, we pursue high quality raw materials and implement the use of best-in-class production methods under GMPS every time. In a bid to make perfection second nature, we professionally evaluate every aspect of our services and pay utmost attention to even the most minute details pre, during and post-execution.

First Part has successfully executed and completed top-tier projects that has won us our respect and praises, and cemented our company as one of the best in the Chinese industry. As we are fully aware of the need to continually develop and update our expertise with state of the art techniques, we, everyday learn how to offer better services to our different clients irrespective of their field of play.

In order to facilitate seamless executions that guarantee perfect outputs, we avail our clients of all our experiences on their designs, suggesting areas for improvement, thus making them easier for fabrication. Our commission and pride is rooted in our ability to satisfy our growing client base, fulfilling the needs of each client and turning your design into reality that is no short of perfection.

Please feel free to contact us to request a quote or make enquiries on any projects and executions that you may require!