General Manager

James Li, now known to be the Big Brother of machining and plasticJames Li injection tooling in the field of Pear River Delta, started his RP journey at a Hong Kong Prototyping Company as a project engineer in December, 2003.

From June 2006 to May 2010, James became a Shareholder and Sales Director of a famous western owned prototyping company in China. James managed the sales and project management team for 4 full years specially for exporting projects at that company. During the 4 years' experiences, James has leant and combined western management and techniques with China for rapid prototyping, rapid precision engineering and rapid plastic injection tooling services.

Departed friendly with the owner (has been an intimate friend with James) of the western owned company. James built First Part China Limited with Ray Liu in June 2010. Before setting up First Part, James had enjoyed the best reputation for treating teammates and partners like brothers and soon 3 top managers in the field joined to be in charge of precision engineering, tooling and project management. Many more young pioneers with great talent followed since then and now James has the best team for Rapid Manufacturing in China.