First Part

First Part China Limited is original from ZXmade which was set up by Doctor First Part factoryYang (Young) in March, 2005. ZXmade started rapid tooling manufacturingsince it was built and got involved in rapid CNC prototyping one year later, First Part office main building after another year endeavor, ZXmade decided to focus in rapid precision engineering for complex prototyping jobs to improve the competency, which now has led the Chinese RP field since the second half year of 2007. Now, ZXmade has combined rapid tooling, rapid prototyping and rapid precision engineering technologies in the rapid manufacturing service, as we know, this is unique in China.

A famous western owned prototyping company found ZXmade in September, 2008 and made ZXmade as their key supplier for precision prototyping, metal forming and machined extrusion parts for exports. This has helped ZXmade greatly in improving their quality standards and management to meet export standards, but with 100% Chinese costing.

prototype manufacturing

On the 1st day of June, 2010, James Li Xuezhong (An ex-shareholder and sales director of a very famous western prototyping company) joined forces with ZXmade and renamed it as First Part China Limited. James combines his 5 years western trading and service experience with ZXmade’s 5 years rapid manufacturing experience for export with 100% Chinese costing. This is globally unique and superb competitive. We are very low cost but high efficiency and high quality!